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NCS Pre-Order

Seize the opportunity and participate in the 2012 NCS Pre-Order event, formerly known as NCS Trade. It’s a simple process and one which brings you not only the incredible accuracy and quality from NCS Colour but also fantastic, cost-effective savings. The success of NCS Pre-Order events over the years has enabled the coating industries around the world to create their own customized colour tools and solutions at a favorable price range.

NCS Pre-Order signifies that orders are placed well ahead of time allowing paint industries to plan their marketing budgets and activities in advance while NCS products may be specially designed to reflect your corporate identity. Possibilities are almost unlimited and flexibility high as long as orders are placed before the end of June 2011. Shipments may be timed following a delivery plan starting from February 2012. Pre-Order prices are considerably more favorable compared to Immediate Delivery Orders.

So, if you are seeking some inspiration or already have an idea of how your colour tools shall look like, let us know and we can realize the idea together.

NCS products

Click here for a list of NCS products available for purchase. NCS is now the National Colour Standard see SANS 1091-2012here to view a virtual showcase of our projects