Trademark notice

NCS - Natural Color system®©, is the trademark of Scandinavian Colour Institute (SCI) for the NCS®© colour system, NCS®© colour samples and collections and other colour-related colour communication products and services, meeting its specifications, control and quality requirements.

Copyright notice

NCS - Natural Color System®©, the NCS®© notations and NCS®© products and other materials of the SCI are covered by copyright and include, for example, titles, graphic presentations and colour references. The unauthorized claim, or cross-reference in print or digital format, on products or services, on colour cards or other colour communication materials, software or hardware, measurement equipment etc. inferring, in whole or in part, that any referenced colour or colour system is the same as, or equivalent to, the NCS®© or an NCS®© reference, is strictly prohibited.

Licence agreement

An NCS licence agreement may be signed with SCI to receive the rights to refer to the NCS®© trademarks, the NCS®© notation system and to the NCS®© cyphers and the NCS®© products e.g. in connection with the Licensee’s colour-related products or services in a database, a colour collection or other colour communication products in print or in digital format.

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